Aug 1, 2023Liked by Vincent Van Dough

I've had this general theme in my head for a while now. I consume bitcoin daily. Meaning reading, watching, doing, commenting. Bitcoin does have a problem meeting and growing more mass adoption. I'd guess that very few are like you and me. Within 2 weeks of discovering bitcoin I made my first purchase and keep it all in cold storage/self custody. I stack monthly. Most average folk don't care or understand what being your own bank means, the technology is confusing, wallets, lighting, sovereignty, fiat, and our corrupt financial system. The everyday joe or Jill might want to try bitcoin if it's easy, fast, and safe. These types also want to spend bitcoin for groceries, shoes, gasoline, bills, beer, etc etc. And hopefully save!! However, as a daily medium of exchange bitcoin isn't there. Yet. People will want to be able to whip out a card (or a phone) like they are used to and spend bitcoin. I too might do that occasionally. But, I'm a hodl guy to the core. However, if I could use a bitcoin card similar to visa or mastercard where I could at least demonstrate to people. Where I live no businesses accept bitcoin. Metro POP 300K. Anyway... bitcoin has a long way to go to begin mass adoption. For now it's a niche product. Glad you are back Vincent!!

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